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Experience counts when it comes to security! Since 2011, we have been safeguarding homes and businesses throughout Jaipur and the surrounding area. SM Security is a locally owned and operated security company dedicated to offering the best and the most cost-effective security systems in the region.

Our cost-effective security solutions like CCTV camera installation in Jaipur provide skilled and quick security solutions to commercial and residential property owners. Always be assured of maximum protection for your personnel, visitors, and facilities. 

Besides offering CCTV camera services in Jaipur, we also provide the following security solutions;

  • commercial access control systems
  • building access control systems
  • residential gate access control systems
  • fingerprint door access
  • biometric access system
  • door phone system

Here is what SM Securities is Committed to Offering You:

  • Complete assurance that your CCTV system will continue to work.
  • Use remote testing so you can save money on site-visit fees.
  • A quick response from one of our highly skilled CCTV technicians is guaranteed.
  • Because we arrive prepared, we have a high percentage of first-time fixes.
  • Advice and support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a helpline.
  • Analysis of CCTV security important parts
  • Processes for CCTV servicing that are industry-leading
  • CCTV maintenance contracts that are affordable
  • CCTV repairs
  • CCTV surveillance contracts that are cost-effective
  • CCTV maintenance contracts that are cost-effective CCTV repairs

You can trust our expertise and track record. We will develop, set up, and supervise your security system by leveraging the newest technologies, including wireless alarm devices, to match your individual demands. Our proactive monitoring solutions let you manage and operate your system from anywhere using your mobile, laptop, or any other Internet-connected device. Are you on a tight budget? It's no issue. SM Securities is known for providing some of the most affordable security services in the industry without compromising quality.

If you are looking for CCTV camera installation in Jaipur or surrounding areas, SM securities is just one call away.