Coreprix Fingerprint Access Lock- Metal

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  1. OPENS IN LESS THAN A SECOND - Say goodbye to cumbersome password combinations to open locks, you can now unlock your smart padlock with your finger in a split second. Biometric Lock has an amazing fingerprint sensor that reads and opens at the speed of ‘flash’.
  2. SLEEK & SECURE PADLOCK WITH STURDY STRUCTURE - A new, intuitive, powerful smart lock that is revolutionized with advanced technology that opens at the touch of your finger. A lock that can’t be picked- it’s too smart and too strong. Made with durable materials , it is IP65 weatherproof made for secure unlocking and works seamlessly in any weather condition.
  3. REMEMBERS WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU TRUST - A smart lock with a stubborn memory will remember your unique fingerprint and detect you immediately. You can also program it to remember up to 10 of your trusted friends. So, you can share access without having to have keys exchange hands. Biometric Lock makes it possible for you to share your lock’s access with other trusted friends' and family. The ideal choice for family friends and small teams without the hassle of creating duplicate keys.
  4. LONG-LASTING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Latch Pro comes with a 3.7V 0.555Wh rechargeable Lithium polymer battery. Enjoy a long battery life of 2 months on 2 hrs of a single charge. Charging is made easy, via USB cable to remove the hassle of changing batteries. The lock also comes with an indicator that gives you a reminder to recharge when the battery is low, ahead of time.
  5. SMART PADLOCK WITH VERSATILE USE - Biometric Lock will do its job to protect any place, space, and case you have. From your Main Gate to your Storerooms, there is no limit to what it can protect. It can be used to lock your Doors, Sheds, Channel Gates, Shutters/Storerooms, Small and Medium Shops.
  6. Warranty: 1 Month Warranty